NNPM Conference

Nothing can separate us
from the love of God

24-26 July 2020
Swanwick, Derbyshire

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Meet Stephen Dean, Christine Howes, Jane Porter and Vicky Dearing - just four of the excellent team who are planning for next year’s National Network of Pastoral Musicians Conference. Also on the team are Andrew Maries & Jennifer Burridge.

We want the theme: 'Nothing can separate us from the love of God' to include natural disasters, the climate crisis (with reference to Pope Francis's Laudato Si) and the disunity in our own country and others created by Brexit, and how this can be combatted by worshipping together.

Who we are

The National Network of Pastoral Musicians is an organisation consisting of people around the UK who are committed in some way to church music. It is totally ecumenical and open to all. Our patrons are Archbishop Michael Bowen, Bishop Thomas McMahon & John L. Bell.

What we do

There are Area Secretaries in different locations who will facilitate the passing of information for anyone wishing to know of liturgical events in their region and in some cases the secretaries will organise events themselves. We have a national conference every two years in July, where it is possible to meet church composers, sing new music and take part in workshops that offer a different perspective on worship.

How we communicate

The NNPM magazine Accord is published three times a year and includes information on all the events which are happening around the country for all denominations. All subscribers to the NNPM (£15 for two years) receive Accord free of charge while they are members.

Regional Events are also listed on this website and regularly updated.

To join the NNPM please email
Vicky Dearing, the membership secretary,
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